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Dr. Sebastian Wrede received his PhD in computer science (Dr.-Ing.) in 2008 from the Technical Faculty at Bielefeld University. Since 2009 he leads a research group on Cognitive Systems Engineering with projects carried out within the CoR-Lab and CITEC research centers of Bielefeld University.

Starting in January 2020 he serves as managing director of CoR-Lab. His research focuses on the transfer and improvement of software and systems engineering methods for model-driven development and analysis of robot systems with adaptive behaviour. He was PI and WP leader in several projects such as the European Union IST projects FP7 AMARSi as well as H2020 CogIMon and has coordinated a number of projects with industry involvement such as the BMBF innovation project FlexiMiR on model-based development and integration of rapidly reconfigurable robotic work cells within the leading edge cluster on intelligent technical systems (it’s owl).

He is member of the editorial board of the Journal on Software Engineering in Robotics (JOSER), of the IEEE (RAS TC-SOFT), the euRobotics Topic Group on Software Engineering, System Integration, System Engineering and is one of the organizers of the Model-driven Robot Software Engineering (MORSE) workshop series. Within the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University, S. Wrede is appointed as modul designee for Software Engineering, Advanced Software Engineering as well as Architectures for Intelligent Systems.

Keywords: Human-Robot Interaction, Robot Software Architecture, Software Engineering for Robotics, Domain-specific Languages, Middleware 

For an overview of recent publications, please consult the following web sites: Bibliography / Google Scholar

Current PI Projects:

Furthmore, the CSE group participates in several it's OWL transfer projects on engineering human-machine interaction systems in cooperation with SMEs around Bielefeld.

Former Projects: